• June 21 – Summer begins! Longest day, shortest night.
  • Check Portland Parks & Rec for a schedule of upcoming free summer concerts and movie nights in the parks.
  • Make a plan for the upcoming fruit harvest season — what to dry, preserve, etc.
  • Be thinking about cherries by the end of the month. Hood River Organic was great in 2011 and 2012, but I missed the season there in 2013. Picked at Root Orchards on the last week of the season on July 21.


  • Don’t miss out on apricots!
  • July 4th is the beginning of wildfire season, which means that this is about the time that hot, dry summer actually starts.
  • This is also a good month for Blueberries. James Organic in Hood River has good ones.
  • In 2013, I was starting to see local green figs in late July.
  • As every year, this is the season to seriously consider getting a chest freezer and decide that it would be absurd. But maybe next year.


  • The Washington Park Summer Concerts are usually in early August, featuring an Opera night, a Symphony night, and usually a whole bunch of other great performers.
  • U-Pick season is ending, but backyard harvest season is beginning — Portland Fruit Tree season begins.
  • If I want to make apple cider, I should start planning ahead.


  • Make sure to get some figs around the end of the month.
  • Consider purchasing a fruit leather attachment for the food dehdrator and using it for grapes.
  • Unless I want to make apple cider, I should probably avoid getting too caught up with apples.
  • September 22 – End of summer. Even though it feels like it lasts longer. And even though it also feels like it should be over already, because I still haven’t completely reset from all my years of schooling, and feel like summer ends on Labor day.

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