Grilled Veggies, Grilled Fish…Grilled Pizza?

I just moved to a place with a backyard big enough for gardening, sitting, and grilling all at the same time. This means that a gas grill has come into my life at the same time as the new home, and I’m quickly falling in love with both.

As you may remember from my struggles with my charcoal cooking during the sixteen steaks project, I’ve never been that good with the stuff. (The Eisenhower Steak being the one exception.) But the gas grill is so easy! It lights and heats in minutes! Sure, there’s less smoky flavor, but I’m easily converted by the convenience here.

In addition to endless grilled zucchini, burgers, lamb chops, and beets, I recently grilled a whole salmon. It was a jack salmon (basically, it got confused and returned from the sea too early), all five pounds of it fit on the grill at once. My sister, an expert fish cooker, cut slits in the sides and slathered it in a parsley-garlic-hot pepper paste for a few hours before we cooked it. With the cover on, it took even less time than we expected, and was absolutely delicious.

Grilling Jack Salmon

My favorite part of grilled fish is the skin, and we left a little more of that on the grill than I would have liked. Next time, be sure the grill is sparkling clean and blazing hot before the fish goes on, as suggested here.

My friends have noticed my instant-onset grill obsession, so when they came over to make pizzas last week, we went for a taste test. One pizza went in the oven, the other on the grill.

Grilling Pizza

The results? Okay, maybe pizza is one thing that doesn’t benefit from grilling. The oven-baked (on a pizza stone) pie had a chewier, generally more delicious crust than the grilled one. But the grilled one was only deficient by comparison — if it had been our only pizza, we wouldn’t have complained.


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