Slow Motion Disaster! Garden Update #8

Recently, we’ve had quite a bit of sun, and I’m glad it’s kept my spirits high because I’ve been watching a garden disaster unfold in slow motion.
The lovely snap peas, which you’ve heard so much about,  have outgrown the somewhat rickety trellis I built for them, and are falling all over themselves. Not only does this give my neighbors an unimpressive (and accurate) impression of my gardening skills, but it seems to be killing the vines as they bend too far and snap. This is especially disappointing because at the same time, I’m getting the first delicious peas, and I think this will seriously reduce my yield. Note for next year: snap peas grow tall! I’d estimate the vines’ length at four feet at this point, and next year I’ll be sure to give them more room to grow.
Fallen Peas
Luckily, between my very hearty kale plants and my local farmers at market, I’ll still have plenty of vegetables.  I was thinking I’d be planting tomatoes by this point, but I’ve just signed a lease on a new house (with a much bigger garden space) for next month, so I’m not going to make any further investment in this lovely little piece of dirt. Hopefully I’ll get a few more peas and some more kale out of it before I go, though!

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