Market and Garden Update #8

I’m enjoying this process of tracking what’s happening when. The peas have been growing faster than their trellis (I’ve been adding pieces of string between stakes on an as needed basis, and got behind) and their tendrils pretty tangled in the process. I wonder if there’s any hope for those particular shoots to reach skyward again, or if they’re stuck to each other for the long haul. We’ll see.

Tendril Tangle

As in previous updates, I’m also enjoying seeing what other people are growing at the farmer’s market. I’m able to walk away with more and more stuff on my weekly visits — salad greens, arugula, asparagus, new potatoes, spring onions, radishes, and beets on my last haul. I passed on the turnips this time, though. I’ve been eating so many of them that I think I over did it. I’m also starting to see spring strawberries pop up around the market, so I’ve got to start planning some strawberry picking time. It’s coming fast!

Best meal from that market trip so far was a lamb burger served on arugula, with a side of thinly sliced beets that I fried up in the resulting lamb fat and served with salt, pepper, and feta cheese. Would’ve taken a picture but I ate it too fast.


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