May Flowers, etc.: Garden Update #7

As I write this, I am enjoying some cool, moist air and the sound of lightly falling rain. It’s strange to say that in Portland in May, because that should be what’s been happening for months on end, but the weather has been so warm, dry, and sunny lately that it’s actually nice to have a break. Warm sun and rain usually don’t happen back to back here, but this is reminding me of New England, where I grew up. There, it’s not unusual to have a sunny, eighty degree day and then a cooling rain.

My plants have certainly been liking the weather, and I imagine they’ll like this rain, too. (I haven’t been watering them, but they’ve seemed fine) The snap peas are going crazy (biggest ones are probably two feet tall), and the spinach and arugula both have plants at munching size, with some smaller ones, as well.

May Roses

The rest of the yard is going crazy, too — the lawn is back to the shaggy look it had before it was mowed about 10 days ago. We have two rhododendron bushes, and though the light pink one is now past its blooming prime, the fuchsia one is now in full swing. The roses are blooming, too. I like it.


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