Garden (and flowers, and other things) Update #5

In my garden, three of my kales are totally done. — gone to raab with flowers and all, or close. (Here’s a little bit about kale raab). I snipped them off and chopped them up to sautee with onion and balsamic vinegar at dinner with a friend last night. A few of the kale plants are still just producing tasty leaves (not sure why they haven’t all behaved the same way…) so I’ll let them be for now. Pretty soon, though, I’m going to replace the whole row of kale with tomatoes once the weather seems consistent enough for starts.Chopped Kale and Raab

The peas are starting to grow tendrils, and I think I need to start setting up something for them to climb onto, which is exciting. And further excitement seems to be abounding in other people’s gardens — I’m starting to see asparagus at the farmer’s market.

We’re having another stretch of glorious, sunny, 70-something weather. (When I don’t mention the weather, that generally means that it’s gray) I don’t expect it will last too long, but it’s lovely while it’s here. It’s highlighting the beautiful blossoms on trees and bushes all over town, and tulips are blooming. Daffodils seem to be about done. I took this picture of a particularly exuberant rhododendron bush on the way home yesterday. There are two rhodies in my yard, but they’re fairly shaded, and seem to be different varieties. One is just about done blooming, and the other hasn’t started yet.

Spring Rohododenrdons

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did get my act together for the 60-second task of thinning my arugula and spinach. I may even give them a little water today, as the soil around them is drying a bit in all this sun. In addition to giving the remaining plants more room to grow, the result was a lovely little two-bite snack bouquet that I enjoyed on the porch as a reward.

Sprout Thinning Snack Bouquet


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