Kitchen Sink Soup

Remember when I got that turkey breast, and turned it into turkey jerky and turkey burgers? I seasoned the burgers with paprika and fennel seeds, and they were pretty darned tasty, so when I picked up a turkey leg for soup the other night, I thought I’d used those spices again. That was about the extent of my organized thinking about this Kitchen Sink Soup, to which I added every vegetable in the fridge, but the result was highly satisfactory, so I’m recording a brief description for future reference.

Kitchen Sink Soup

I put the turkey leg in the crock pot covered with chicken broth and a few cloves of garlic and some dried tomatoes for about 5 hours. When it was near done, I caramelized three onions. I took the turkey let out of the pot to cut it up, put the onions in the broth, and immersion blended them in. When I put the turkey back in, I also added a few tablespoons of tomato paste, a bunch of chopped kale, a head of shredded green cabbage, and some sauteed carrots, along with the fennel seeds and paprika. I let it crock along for another hour or two and enjoyed it very much.


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