Garden Update #3 (with Farmer’s Market Update)

Here are the highlights from my garden this week. My little peas are shooting towards the sky, one of my kales is huge and definitely going to seed, and the others are sort of stalled — neither growing new leaves nor doing badly. The spinach and arugula shoots are almost looking ready to be thinned in areas where they’re coming up right next to each other, but then there are other sections of the rows where they still haven’t come up at all, and at this point I have to figure they’re not going to.

Pea Shoot

Of course, I’m also wondering what’s going on in other people’s gardens. I stopped by my local farmer’s market this week and got a sense of what the pro’s are turning out.

  • Kale and collards. When did they plant these? Perhaps last fall, like I did? I did see some rapini, which is what you get when kale goes to seed, like mine is.
  • Spinach and arugula. Perhaps if I had a hoop house, mine would be ready, too!
  • Flowers — daffodils and tulips
  • Still some Nettles! I felt a little silly buying them after picking so many for free, but I wanted them for more nettle-salmon-potato cakes, like I made last time.
  • I checked in with the woman I bought many delicious tomatoes from last year and she confirmed she’ll be selling tomato starts again this year, starting in a few weeks. There are salad green starts available now, but I’m counting on my seedlings to pull through.

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