Reference Material

While I love Wikipedia and Google, there’s often no substitute for a good old fashioned reference book. I’ve recently acquired two that I’m pretty excited about: Oregon Geographic Names, compiled by the dynamic duo of Lewis A. and Lewis L. McArthur and published by the Oregon Historical Society, and On Food and Cooking: Science and Lore of the Kitchen, by Harold McGee. I suspect you’ll see both of them cited fairly regularly here as I move forward with outdoor and culinary explorations.

New Reference Books

I’m adding these to a small but growing personal reference library, which I’ll list here so that you can tell me what I’m missing. If you want more info or your own copy, I’m linking you to the famous Powell’s Books. Not a paid endorsement. Just seems appropriate for a Portland-based blog.


The Natural World

Outdoor Places

  • Wild in the City, by Michael Houck. Frustratingly organized and lacking in user-friendly features, but invaluable material about urban wild spaces near me. Now available in a new edition. Maybe it’s easier to use?
  • 100 Hikes Travel Guide to Eastern Oregon by William Sullivan. (I’ will probably eventually get his guides to other regions of the state.)
  • DeLorne Gazetteer Atlas of Oregon. I have the Washington one, too. Very handy for trip planning, finding campsites, and plain old navigation — sometimes you need a map that shows the back roads.

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