Sunset Hike (and Garden Update)

Angel's Rest Sunset 4.1.13

Here’s a note for next year’s almanac: The first week in April is the beginning of after work hiking season. The daylight and daylight savings time make enough time after my workday ends to get out to the Gorge for a quick one. Last night I did Angel’s Rest, which is 30 minutes from Portland, short, and has a good view. (If you’re wondering more about the hike, here’s a good description from Portland Hiker’s Field Guide, which is like a Wikipedia for Portland area hikes.)

It’s totally mobbed on weekends, but is perfect for an evening jaunt. I only saw a few other people, and it was nice to see the trail before all the leaves on the vine maple and other brush come back. There were some nice white trillium flowers in the thicker woods at the base of the trail, too. I was up and down in about two hours, and got back to my car about 8. It was perfect timing. As I started to drive home, there was still a little bit of pink from the sky reflected in the Columbia. A very good spring Monday, especially when finished off with a big steak salad when I got home. I hadn’t cooked a sirloin steak in a while, but I’ve still got the touch — it was delicious and perfectly rare.

Sprouting Spinach

And here’s a note on gardening: My spinach has sprouted! With no encouragement from me, even. It hasn’t rained in a few days, so maybe I should water the arugula and snap peas to help them do the same? Or maybe they just move a little slower.


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