Let the Gardening Begin

Over the weekend, I had fun reaping the nettles that nature had sewn, and I also did some sewing of my own for reaping over the next few months.

Ready to Seed

I got into my tiny garden patch and planted arugula, spinach, sugar snap peas, and nestertiums (nestertia?). I left the space around my back-from-the-dead kale alone for now, but it seems to be going to seed, so I think I’ll be putting in some new kale or replacing it with something else one of these days.

It’s probably about time to start thinking about starts.  Last year I did tomatoes, which were successful, got two peppers off of two pepper plants, and managed to get a really big eggplant plant without a single eggplant. I think I’ll focus on tomatoes this year.

While weeding, I made a neat discovery. The weeds I was pulling up were bittercress — a tiny member of the mustard family that I learned about on my weekend nettle expedition. It grows wild, and is fully edible, so I saved the ones I pulled up.

Bittercress as Weed

Bittercress the Weed

Bittercress as Salad Green

Bittercress the Salad Green

It is as bitter as the name suggests, so a little goes a long way, but it was a tasty addition to the lovely spring salad I had for dinner tonight, with lamb, beets, dried cherries, hazelnuts, and sheep cheese. Yum. The bittercress was the only thing that came from my own garden (and I couldn’t take any credit for it being there!), but hopefully I’ll be eating my own spinach and arugula soon enough.

Spring Salad


2 responses to “Let the Gardening Begin

  1. Did you know that bittercress is also known as shotweed, because the seed pods burst like buckshot if you touch them when they’re ripe? It’s great fun if you’re not bursting them over your own garden patch.

    • Awesome! There’s a lot of bittercress in an ungardenable spot near my driveway — I will keep an eye out for seed pods and have fun popping them!

      On my walks to school as a kid, I loved these plants we called “touch me nots,” which must have been part of the same family. Thanks for the tip!

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