It’s officially spring! And it came in with a bang today in the Portland area. I personally experienced sunshine, heavy rain, a variety of temperatures, and saw an amazing double rainbow. I heard reports of hail.

I’ve clearly been feeling the changing seasons for a few weeks, but since today’s the equinox, it’s official. This is the time of year when I feel everything speeding up — the time from now to the summer solstice will be much shorter than it has been since the winter solstice, even though the number of days is the same. Things that have probably been changing slowly for a while seem to change all of a sudden — today there are blossoms on the tree down the block, after a winter of barrenness.

Newness, regeneration, yada yada yada. I know it’s all been said, but this morning I walked to work past all the same trees and houses I walk past every day, and noticed a whole row of trees with these crazy buds sprouting out of not only the branches, but the trunks. The buds are huge, and look like they should belong to flowers coming out of the ground, not out of a tree. I’ll have to wait until they bloom, or perhaps ’til the leaves come on to positively identify it, though I’ve seen it a thousand times.

Spring Kale

In small honor of the day I’ll refer you to this article a friend posted about the equinox and let you know that my kale plants are also participating in this seemingly sudden change of season. The one you saw a picture of a few weeks ago is growing fast, and almost ready to start plucking leaves from; and a few of the little kales that I thought has simply perished during the winter a, victims of cold and some late fall moths, are coming back to life.

Regeneration, newness, etc. Not much more to say, except that I’m feeling very glad about it all. Happy spring to all of you.


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