Corned Beef: Part 2

Last night I let the beef out of the bag. I poured off the spice-filled, greenish brine that my home-corned beef had been sitting in for ten days and was pleasantly surprised to find that it smelled pretty nice.

From Brine to Boil

After my good luck roasting cabbage recently, I decided to go with a St. Patrick’s Day roast, more or less following the roast variation in this recipe. As suggested, I brought the beef to a boil in water twice to make it a little less salty and I was glad I did — it ended up being on the salty side of perfect.

I made my own sweet-hot mustard by mixing dijon, sriracha, and honey to taste, and studded the fatty side of the brisket with cloves, as in the recipe, before roasting in tin foil. I skipped the brown sugar.

Ready to Roast

I had about two hours to roast it, so I roasted it for about two hours at 350, before turning up the heat and opening the foil for a bit at the end to crisp things up. I think I could have roasted it longer, but it turned out great. Sweet, well spiced, salty, and just generally delicious served with roasted purple cabbage.

Ready to Eat

Notes for next time? Just be sure to do this again. Maybe try boiling three times for slightly reduced saltiness, and experiment with longer roasting for slightly more falling-apart texture, but do everything else the same way. Why? Because so many things went right here. I really liked about roasting the beef instead of  the (more traditional?) boiling method is that it leaves the fat in a much more appetizing and edible state. Even my pre-mixed pickling spices were a fantastic seasoning compared with whatever stock pickling spices are used on pre-made corned beef. And the extra hit of cloves in the roasting was great. As was my sweet-hot mustard, if I do say so myself. The leftovers on this are going to go fast.


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