Kim Chi

I recently made Kim Chi by more or less following this recipe. I can’t say I followed the proportions to the letter, and I used regular cabbage instead of Napa because it was on sale, but it turned out pretty well. During the first few days of fermenting, it seemed like the 8 heads of garlic may have been overkill, and I had to move my fermenting jar outside to avoid overwhelming the kitchen with fumes. But during the course of the 10 days or so that I let it sit, the garlic mellowed out considerably, and the finished product wasn’t too garlicky at all.


It could have been spicier, though. Next time, more red jalapenos. Also next time, I’ll pay more attention to the fermentation process, because it seems quite interesting. The liquid level went up and down with temperature, it seemed (when the garlic odor mellowed and I brought it back inside, the liquid went up), but perhaps also with time, because it seemed like there was less liquid when I put it in the fridge at the end. Next time I may also taste some and make notes each day, just to see how it changes.

Anything else I should do next time? Or other fermentation tips?


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