Citrus Season: Satsuma Mandarins

SatsumasI’ve updated Next Year’s Almanac to reflect the late fall beginning of citrus season. Yes, I live in Oregon, and there’s no citrus here, but thanks to modern transportation networks, California’s bounty comes up the coast pretty easily. Satsuma mandarin oranges are my tart, sweet favorites this time of year. The boxes of “Sweet Bee” mandarins at the regular grocery store have tempted me before, but they’re much less flavorful than the bags of “Mini Me” mandarins at New Seasons, the fancier grocery store. New Seasons also has satsumas by the pound, and I love it that they still have the leaves attached.


4 responses to “Citrus Season: Satsuma Mandarins

    • Wow! What lemon goodies are you making? I know that with many fruits, leaving the stem on helps them keep longer, but I don’t know why you would leave the leaves on or off a citrus fruit. Except that it does look pretty!

  1. I love the little easily peeled Clementines. Are they the same as the “Mini Me’s.” Keep up the shopping hints.

    Love, Louise

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